Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cafeteria Trey!!!

(***WAIT A SECOND!!!! A CONCERNED READER POINTED OUT SOMETHING ON THIS MODEL THAT I THINK IS WORTH ALTERING FROM THE ORIGINAL...if you want to download the model as is, then please feel free, but I will be making a change to the Shirt that Trey is wearing--in hindsight, it was a direction I didn't follow all the way through...more to come shortly...)

Brian Castleforte of NiceBunny fame designed a fantastic base model called HedKase quite a while ago, and it has had some great support from the Papertoy community. I've personally considered it a great place to start working on cusomization; a good model to tinker around with. It's been on my list of projects from the very beginning. Here is my custom of Brian's model: Cafeteria Trey.

All the basic HedKase parts are present, and rearranged a bit. I've added some additional odds and ends, with the tray, spaghetti bowl, and milk carton. The legs "stab" into the base, which is a bit of a different technique for this model. He's got some nifty artwork details also.

Just a side note for any interested, this was my last effort using the Serif Draw X2 vector art program, as I switched over to the Corel Draw X4 after doing Cafeteria Trey.

He can be downloaded through a Mediafire link, here:

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Jerom said...

Original custom ! Seriously, it's a very funny papertoy! I very like how you make the spaghetti bowl^^

But, imho, your papertoy could be even more awesome, if you shouldn't make so different "textures": the hair, the sweat, the skin,etc. These elements are made in a different style, and, for me, it's not so beautiful, you see?