Monday, June 30, 2008

Bonanza Updates

OK--I want to keep everyone up to date on the projects I've got going, but here's the issue--the computer I'm using won't accept the memory card from my camera all of a sudden, so I can't post pictures of the many things I've been up to! Here's the scoop:

*Finished up a custom HedKase from Brian Castleforte (Nice Bunny), wanted to send him a pic of it.

*Ironing out the details of a custom diorama and outfit for Dookie-Poo vinyl character. It's essentially done already, but without the figure itself around, I'm trying to estimate it's dimensions. Luckily, there is a printout that gives you a ballpark idea of size.

*I've got 3 designs I've been working on (along with the above stuff) that are new. Even though Sparky designs are my main focus overall, I took a break from him, and came up with a few new items. One of them will be my next non-custom release.

*Blank Sparkys. I haven't gotten any requests for this, but I think it would give people a chance to work on their own designs. Rather than putting out a single blank Sparky, I'm planning on releasing a mix and match kit, with multiple arm shapes, body shapes and angles, the usual head, and some accessory parts. Trying to keep this pretty flexible.

So, it's not like I've been slacking, it's just that I don't have pictures to provide proof of all this! Stay tuned, and I'll put things out as I'm able!!!