Sunday, March 23, 2008

Punchline Sparky!

Wouldn't you know, the unavoidable happened. If you play with matches you are going to get burned. In our friend Sparky's case, you don't just get burned, you combust. Poor guy.

Meet "Punchline Sparky." He follows up on "Original Sparky" the first papertoy released on Papertoy Bonanza. He has the same parts as the original (minus the lips!), but different artwork and a bit of a different arm placement. Go ahead and use the pictures on this blog as a reference!

The file is downloadable by connecting to Mediafire at this address:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Let the Bonanza Begin!

Sparky is a Matchstick in jeopardy. Who knows how or why he got his hands on a lit match, but there you have it. Standing around 8 inches tall, Sparky will make a great addition to any Papertoy enthusiast's collection. He balances well, but you may want to add ballast in the form of a nickel or quarter inside his base.

This Original Sparky has been waiting to launch for a while now, and already has some variant builds ready to follow in the months to come!

Sparky is on Mediafire for download, click the link to get the file!