Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dead Drukk!

This entry is a custom that I did for MCK (he's one of the links on the left of this page). He created "Drukk" a papertoy that has a paper spring in it, which gives it some movement. After trying my hand on the Hedkase model, I decided to try out some others, and here is one such result...


This was an attempt at making a papertoy that means something beyond "Toyness." Whether you care to call it art is up to you, but that's where I was going with it. The base of the model is a skull. Those who get into template design and layout will notice that in the end, this fairly detailed skull will be mostly covered by the dirt and grass outer shell of the model. That's part of what this piece is saying. The original Drukk model was given moving arms, and what better to represent that aspect of the model than a wriggly worm which has taken up residence with the skull. Hopefully, you will find other meanings in this piece as well. *Note--for my build of this model, I used glossy paper on the worms, and cardstock on the main body, and put some bend/warp/curvature on the worms--feel free to do that as you please...

You can download from Mediafire at the link below, or zip on over to MCK's site to see the rest of the assembled Drukk models in Series 1.

For those interested, I will be removing Cafeteria Trey Mark II from my download lists--He was a transitional piece, and not representative of the beginning or end of the project--so get him while he lasts!