Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cafeteria Trey Mark 3

This is it!! The one that you may or may not have been waiting for all along! Cafeteria Trey Mark 3 is the final version of this custom Hedkase. After some helpful input from readers, I had to step back from the project and give it a good look. I think the end result is a good one! If you're interested in downloading the final version of this character it is available at Mediafire through this link:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Action Figure Doctor's Office and Trey Update!

Things are pretty busy here in the Papertoy Bonanza offices right now (ok, really it's just me at my computer, it's my imagination and ToDo list that are busy)! There are a handful of ongoing projects, and I want to make sure I am getting them out to people who enjoy them! For those who are watching closely, keep an eye out for Cafeteria Trey Mark 3--I'm going to need to fix his hair--I kinda knew I should, but I was avoiding the issue, as I'm uncertain how to artistically approach it--but we'll see what comes of the effort. And just so you know, I don't expect to do multiple revisions on releases in the future, I just think this one can benefit from some art tweaking! On to other news...

Action Figure Doctor's Office is a revision of the Dookie Poo office, with some changes to the artwork (so that it is suitable for non-Dookie play). Aside from the door poster and some signs on the exam table, it is the same set. It is available Here:

The Action Figure Doctor's Office Equipment file replaces a Dookie Doctor Jacket with a more suitable action figure healthcare item, a "Bacta Tank" as seen in the Star Wars movies. Every Doctor's Office in faraway galaxies should have one. The anatomy clipboard is still present, in it's new Bounty Hunter/Blue Commander format, with a Medic kit, and the all important AED for assessing and treating cardiac emergencies--if your action figure is of the human variety. This equipment pack can be downloaded here:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cafeteria Trey!!!

(***WAIT A SECOND!!!! A CONCERNED READER POINTED OUT SOMETHING ON THIS MODEL THAT I THINK IS WORTH ALTERING FROM THE ORIGINAL...if you want to download the model as is, then please feel free, but I will be making a change to the Shirt that Trey is wearing--in hindsight, it was a direction I didn't follow all the way through...more to come shortly...)

Brian Castleforte of NiceBunny fame designed a fantastic base model called HedKase quite a while ago, and it has had some great support from the Papertoy community. I've personally considered it a great place to start working on cusomization; a good model to tinker around with. It's been on my list of projects from the very beginning. Here is my custom of Brian's model: Cafeteria Trey.

All the basic HedKase parts are present, and rearranged a bit. I've added some additional odds and ends, with the tray, spaghetti bowl, and milk carton. The legs "stab" into the base, which is a bit of a different technique for this model. He's got some nifty artwork details also.

Just a side note for any interested, this was my last effort using the Serif Draw X2 vector art program, as I switched over to the Corel Draw X4 after doing Cafeteria Trey.

He can be downloaded through a Mediafire link, here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Updates on Projects!

For those of you who follow what goes on here on Papertoy Bonanza, I thought I would fill you in on my project progress...

1.) Extremely near completion on "Action Figure Doctor's Office." It's the same model as the Dookie Poo model, with artwork and a few other additions that are more suitable for figures the size of a GI Joe, Star Wars character, or Mutant Ninja. Dookie Poo was fun, but not everyone--myself included, owns a Dookie Poo.

2.) "R What U Eat Sparky" is essentially finished, but I need to put together the final model, and like the Office in #1 above, I need to take pictures to show everyone what the model looks like.

3.) I'm going to ask Nice Bunny (of Nice Bunny and HedKase fame) if I can put up a custom I did for him some time ago, named "Cafeteria Trey." I've already got pictures of this one, and if he's okay with it, I'll make that one accessable.

4.) Blank Sparkys. Right now I have standardized the measurements on each of Sparky's parts, so they can be mixed and matched as desired. They are templates for You to play around with, and provide artwork for, if you are the artistic type (and I'm assuming if you are reading this, you are). It's a 4 page document, page one is his head, and multiple variations on arm shapes. Page 2 is multiple different slants on the "Stem" of Sparky--the torso, with straight and slanted ends. Page 3 and 4 are different "Base" or "leg" slants on Sparky, so that between the Stem and Base, you can come up with some very interesting postures. If you have a basic vector art program, you can cut and paste the shapes into your own Sparky template, but the current four page project will let you glue the shapes together, instead of having a continuous Stem and Base, as I usually do. Should be fun!

5.) There are early stage customs on multiple figures that I've begun, but have been distracted from. Once I put up #1 through #4, I plan on going back to those ones I've already started.
6.) On a side note, I now have a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet, which has been a ton of fun getting to play around with. I have some digital art projects happening on the side, which are a real treat for me...I will eventually show some of the artwork here, but that's a different story altogether.

Thanks for your interest!