Friday, May 16, 2008

Hoody Sparky!

Last edition, Sparky picked up a bad habit. Remember, kids, Smoking Is Not Cool. But now, Sparky's seen the error of his ways, and no more cigarettes for him--but he kind of liked the wings.

This 4th Sparky takes him out of the usual matchstick format, and into new territory. Classic Hood Ornament territory. In the 1920's and early '30's , hood ornaments represented car style, elegance, and class. There were some chrome works of art attached to cars back in those days.

Nearly called Spark Deco, for the strong Art Deco influence on his design, Hoody Sparky is a much smaller download than even the original Sparky. He features some more challenging paper techniques including the baseplate that curls upward gradually from back to front. The baseplate is new and unique to this version of Sparky, and as a result, he doesn't require pocket change to provide balance, as was previously pretty necessary. In my builds of this model, using heavy but flexible cardstock (120) he stands all on his own!

As always, the file can be downloaded from Mediafire at the link below. And by the way, thank you to all the people who have downloaded and built Sparkys. There have been over 600 downloads now, which is very encouraging! Please don't be shy about sending pictures of your builds--I love to see them!

Hoody Sparky is here:

(This one's a 1936 Buick 96S Coupe Hood Ornament)