Friday, October 17, 2008

Action Figure Doctor's Office and Trey Update!

Things are pretty busy here in the Papertoy Bonanza offices right now (ok, really it's just me at my computer, it's my imagination and ToDo list that are busy)! There are a handful of ongoing projects, and I want to make sure I am getting them out to people who enjoy them! For those who are watching closely, keep an eye out for Cafeteria Trey Mark 3--I'm going to need to fix his hair--I kinda knew I should, but I was avoiding the issue, as I'm uncertain how to artistically approach it--but we'll see what comes of the effort. And just so you know, I don't expect to do multiple revisions on releases in the future, I just think this one can benefit from some art tweaking! On to other news...

Action Figure Doctor's Office is a revision of the Dookie Poo office, with some changes to the artwork (so that it is suitable for non-Dookie play). Aside from the door poster and some signs on the exam table, it is the same set. It is available Here:

The Action Figure Doctor's Office Equipment file replaces a Dookie Doctor Jacket with a more suitable action figure healthcare item, a "Bacta Tank" as seen in the Star Wars movies. Every Doctor's Office in faraway galaxies should have one. The anatomy clipboard is still present, in it's new Bounty Hunter/Blue Commander format, with a Medic kit, and the all important AED for assessing and treating cardiac emergencies--if your action figure is of the human variety. This equipment pack can be downloaded here:

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