Wednesday, April 22, 2009

R Wut U Eet Sparky!

Sparky is back, but he's not in good shape...he started eating all the fast food he could find. Like the saying goes, "You are what you eat." And Sparky has become a serving of french fries! With at least 10 fast food restaurants loosely represented in this model, his is not a pretty representation of what happens when you over indulge in junk food.

He was made with Corel Draw x4 in my spare time, so he's been a work in progress for a long time. Originally, I was inspired by trying to take everyday paper products and build a toy--and I have to admit--I studied a few too many french fry containers as research for this project. I was also intrigued by making a curvature in the model, as the oval on Sparky's head demonstrates.

If I had more artistic skill, I would liven up the "fries" (his arms and stem) as well as add some really nasty grease stains. I expect to soon release an alternate version of this model, that has pony tails coming out of the side of his head, instead of just painted on his sides. It's already made, but the pony tails increase the difficulty of the model a bit, and the crown is already complex enough to satisfy most who want a challenge.

I will, as with the other models, release a blank template version in the future, so that modders can try their hand at this unique character!

Enjoy--R Wut U Eet Sparky can be downloaded through Mediafire at:


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