Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ashes to Ashes Sparky!

Ok, so playing with matches got Sparky into trouble in his two previous incarnations, but this third edition of Sparky shows him in a different light. Being a matchstick, he's been around some cigarette smokers, and it looks like he's picked up the habit for himself.

Smoldering with some inner fire, Sparky stands tall and upright, with added smoke-wings fanning out behind him. His face has changed a bit, and he looks a little world-weary compared to the happy-go-lucky Sparky we've known up until now.

What exactly does it all mean? Hopefully it speaks for itself. But it's kind of up to you. That's the beauty of art, even in a papertoy form.

Ashes to Ashes Sparky is a two page .pdf file, which is about 3 times larger than the previous two models, and can be downloaded through this Mediafire link:


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